My nights have been sleepless,
The hours that permitted me to drift off,
Where captured by past plagues,
Waking with no breath,
Now I am just sleep walking,
Watching the world pass me by…

My mind has twisted into turbulence,
Entwined in it’s on desolation,
All the while it’s fighting against,
Sleep deprivation of the prolonged nights,
It’s screaming to many battles,
To overthrow…

My soul stood tall this day,
These wars have already, been subdued,
I heard the war cry,
Deep within my body,
As my soul released it’s,
Wielding swords of precision,
Slicing through the vines,
Wrapping around it…

The warrior broke loose,
This Day…

Her Swords covered in,
Blood tattered thorns,
From the unrelenting vines,

That were severed,
Shaking them off,
Into the flames,
With the vines,
Watching them incinerate,

Within the flames,
Of transformation…

~ by jbritt



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