The sun turns black
Around and around the darkness takes over
This Feeling is overbearing,
I cannot explain the ache,
It takes me into the deepest places,
The darkness is my torch,
Letting it burn deep,
Leaving scars,
Lashes that bring desires,
Desires so deep,
Can you fulfill them…

I want to bury deep within you,
Leaving my scars in your tortured soul,
Watching you bleed out before me,

The joy in watching you,
Your skin ravishing mine,
Hearing the sounds your voice echos out,
Releasing your sins upon me,
My nails burying in your spin,
Your body is a master piece,
Screaming out to me,

My soul cries out for you,
You are my jailer,
Placing your lashes upon me,
While in turn,
Caressing me,
As if I was a Goddess,

Are you real or just an illusion in my mind….

~ by jbritt




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