Cry Alone In The Dark…


Hiding the tears deep within,
Will they finally,
Pour out, 
Making rivers, following down my mask,

My Life has been a living hell, 
I had excepted the pain,
Life had brought me,
Learn to dance in it,

Never knowing…
I needed or longed,
For someone who could destroy,
My inner demons, from all directions,

Then you appeared out of the forest,
Singing beautiful words and life into my soul,
I gave into your beauty,
Letting go of all control,
Wanting you to enrapture me,
Breathe me in, as if I was your breath,
While Looking into each others eyes,
As the passion consumed us,

Now I am lost, 
Alone in this place, 
Not knowing if you,
Will stay and fight,
Flee back into your fortress,

I know…
With all my heart,
I only thirst for you,
Not knowing if you hunger,
For me with all you being,

Would you conquer your demons…
To be, by my side,
Will you stay and live with them,

Should I run and hide,
Crying over this lost passion,
A passion that was only given,
Across the sands, 

You where never mine, 
I have no right to cry,
Streams of lost,
Over you,

The rivers came, 
The dam broke,
The braces pushing back, 
Crumbled into the following waters,

Now I sit here alone,
With my heartache,
Trying to put myself, together again,
To live as I once did,

But Knowing…

All I desire,
Is for you to fight,
Your way to me,
To take hold,
Of all my soul,
Making it yours,

Devouring me within your hands,
As ecstasy immerses us…

~ by jbritt 

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