All at once,
It comes crashing down,

It was as if I was standing at the edge Of a mountain’s peak,
Looking across the valley watching all the beauty,
The lilies dancing in the breeze,
As if it was singing only to them,

Then is happened…
The mountain gave way,
Crumbling to the ground,
Trying to bury me within its boulders,
As it destroys the valley,
I long to touch,

I gripped at the stones,
Using all my strength to pull myself above the gravel,
Trying to see the valley I once longed for,
Now there is only valley of brokenness,
All I can see in the distance now,
Is dust from the deflated mountain,
While nonmetallic minerals are beneath my aching body,

I tell myself,
Life is just a plague,
That no-one has found a cure for,

I still dream of a passion,
An emotion, I have never known,
Longing to just to,
Let it take over me,

On the other hand knowing…
It’s not real,
The passion will fade,
It will become just another echo,
Of pain within your bones,
Tormenting your mind…

My only choice,
Is to start stacking the stones,
One by one,
Till I can stand on the edge once more,
Watching the beauty only from the horizon,
Knowing it will always be out of my reach,

You are alone,
You will always be unaccompanied,
In this world,
Standing on the edge,
Yearning for a devotion,
That isn’t real,

This is how it was meant to be,
The beauty alluring you,
To the peak,
Knowing you will never embrace it…

Pondering if anyone has the answer…
Can someone tell me,
Is the beauty real,
Or is it just a trap,
Luring us into another,
Bottomless Pit…

~ by jbritt


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