Miles Away…

Longing to….
Feel your hands, glide across my body,

Feel your lips connected to mine, while our bodies are in motion,

Look into your eyes, reading the stories behind them,

Feel your soul touch mine, 

I hate this longing, patiently waiting till we unite under the sky,

It’s overwhelming…

The ache in my bones,

Not knowing your sent,

Your sweat entanlged in mine,

Your lips against my body,

Your hands gripped in my hair,

Only knowing your words, but not knowing your touch, 

I sit here alone,

Knowing your worth the wait,

Even with the miles between us,

You are the one, I have longed for,

The one that has seen passed all my walls,

The one that has unlocked doors, no-one has ever seen,

Within my mind, soul, and heart, I long for you,

Only you…

I sit alone in the darkness, waiting for you to make your move…

It hurts beyound measure, not knowing if I will ever,
Feel your skin against mine,

Will this longing, ever end…

~ by jbritt

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