The lights faded swiftly in the distance,
Speedily headed in the opposite direction,
Scouting for uncontaminated lands,
The fumes consumed the air,Rasp within their lungs, As they breathed in,
The foul air,
The echos in their ears,
The ringing would not stop,
Ceaseless…Unending Wailing,
Playing an endless song,
Filled with unrelenting,
Pain and sorrow,

All was lost…
As the dead,
Inhabited the plant,

She pulled out the last cigarette,
Lighting it,
Knowing this would be,
Last memory they would share,

Blood rippled down his arm,
Teeth marks deeply embedded,
She leaned across the seat,
Offering a drag to him,

He slid his hand across her lips,
Removing the cigarette softly,
A tear ran down her smoked stained face,

He inhaled the smoke,
Bringing the vehicle,
To a standstill,
Keys in ignition,
Unlocking the doors,
Air gushes in,
As he instantaneously gets out,

She heard the his boots,
Pound against the ground below,
Pulling her door open,
While handing her the gun,
As he takes one last drag,
Then placing the cigarette,
Back within her fragile lips,
Smoke rolled out her mouth,

Make it quick my love…

She violently refused,
Again he states “Make it quick, My love”
Tears streaming down,
Her blood stained face,

She lifts the barrel,
Placing it between,
His restless eyes,
Hands shaking,
Her delicate finger,
Placed on the trigger,

He softly but aggressively says,
“You must survive”

Take me with you,
Roared out,
Her smoke-filled mouth,

He grasped the gun abruptly,
Pushing her finger back,
towards handle,
The bullet spiraling,
Out of the barrel,

His body crumbles backwards,
Crashing against the ground,

The cigarette falls from her mouth,
The gun releases,
From her weak hands,
Screams ignite,
From deep within her soul,

She collapses upon him,
Grasping for the gun,
Pressing her body,
Tightly against his,
Shaking vigorously,
Places the gun to her head,
Her finger forcibly,
Pulling the trigger,
There is only a click,

She is alive…

In a world of the dead,
Left alone,
Only with the echos,
Of her own screams…

~ by jbritt






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