My Beautiful Wolf…

Where did you come from…

I was lying out under the stars

You were running wild under the moonlight

Where you out searching for your prey…

I saw your eyes gleaming within the trees

I heard the leaves crumble beneath your feet

Your eyes gleaming in my direction

I felt chills run down my spin

I should have been terrified but you were beautiful

You crept slowly in my direction

Before I knew it you were next to me

Instead of running, I reached out to you

While softly running my fingertips across your face

Gently pulling you closer and closer to me

Not knowing if I was your prey for the night

Would you devour me or let me run wild with you

Only the moonlight held what lies behind your gleaming eyes

But I was enraptured by you, while lost in your beauty

My Beautiful Wolf…

~ by jbritt


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