She is a Beautiful Warrior

 She arose from the slumber and drew her sword with a mighty force.

He was not expecting her strength.

He had placed every tactic in her path…

She stood her ground and would not be shaken, as if she was a mighty tree rooted deep within the ground.

The confusion took over him…

How could she still be standing…

He pondered…She should be drowning within her bleeding wounds, from the attacks he had placed upon her.

 Unknowing that with every attack she grew stronger…

She used all her wounds to plan her strategy.

She waited patiently for the perfect timing to attack back…

Once he thought he had won the battle and broken her down…

She attacked with unknowing force that she hid deep within herself.

She was unwilling to be defeated by him

As he collapsed beneath her wielding sword.

Who is she…”She is a Beautiful Warrior”

~ by jbritt


No Claim to Photo only Writing

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