Over Thinker

I did it again, uncomfortable in the silence… 

Did I over step my boundaries 

Did I say too much

Why did I say that

Was it interpreted  in a way I didn’t intend

Do they still love me

Do they think I am strange

I need them

I love them

My mind telling me they will leave, everyone leaves you eventually

Run before they leave, guard yourself

Go hide in your shell you know so well, so nothing can penetrate your heart

You told yourself you would never let anyone I again…

But I love them and never want to lose them again

Why is my mind killing my soul, wanting to close me in within its terror

My soul is finally free but my mind still trapped

My mind is just a book of misalliances stories, living in an awkward and uncomfortable body of flesh.

Did I over step…

~ by jbritt

“Dedicated to my best friend that I love dearly and with all my heart.”


No Claim to Photo only Writing

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