​A Love Hidden But Never Foretold ​

Hidden within my mind and soul

You set me free

I ran wild within your arms

I lost track of time

You took me and released my inner peace

You taught me to know myself again

Your boldness consumed me

How do I say, I love you when you are not mine to love…

How do I wrap you within my soul when your soul belongs to another

How do I release this wanting…

But knowing I will never hold you safe in my arms as the darkness creeps in upon you

I will never lie out in the wilderness, under the moonlight watching the light reflect off your body

I am hidden from you, while you dance with him

You are my last thought, when I lay my head down and my first when the sun rises

I wonder how you did this to me…

You captured me without even knowing you did

I crave you but will never let you in

To whom that will never read this or know I love you

I love you enough not to destroy you

I will love you from behind the curtains of my soul for all eternity

A Love Hidden But Never Foretold…

~ by jbritt


No Claim to Photo only Writing


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