Pain Is Her Protector

She walked alone even though she was surrounded.

It was as if everyone had seen her but were looking straight through her.

She tried to reach out, but only withdrew deeper.

Not knowing how she got here, but thirsting for the unknown.

Only to put up more walls as if they would protect her from the world.

She held the pain close so that she would not forget the deception placed upon her.

She used the hurt as her protection and strength, when only longing to let go, to be weak…

She only knew love once, but it crumbled as if an earth quake crashed inside her.

Which placed calluses on her heart.

She tried to remove them but they only grew thicker.

She made herself appear as others thought she should be, but longed for the one that knew her soul.

The one that would run with madness….

She lies awake at night dreaming of a different world.

Telling herself, “keep writing the story” knowing it’s only a fairytale with no ending.

Asking herself, who would you be without the pain…………

 ~ by jbritt


No Claim to Photo only Writing

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