Turn the pages, but it reads the same words

Does this end or is it the beginning…

The story goes on, but all the chapters are the same

What happened to the Wizard’s magic..

Does the fantasy not go on…

Did the Dragon take the kingdom or was it given to him…

Where did all the fairies go…

For their forest was set ablaze in the color red

Oh where has the Wizard gone…

The King cries out to him

I trusted you Wizard, but you have departed

Now all my fairies are gone

The Wizard cried out to the King

I was never here, but only in your mind

The magic I held was within you, but you looked for me

While looking for me, you left your kingdom unguarded

Now you have lost all your fairies

Oh Wizard, Oh Wizard

Why do you play games…

I know you are there but will not come out

The Wizard cried out again, I was never here because I am you…


~ by jbritt


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