Have I brought myself to this drunkenness?

Put the glass down,

Just close your eyes,

Stop the thoughts,

You have fought too hard to let it take back over,

You have come through the flames into a beautiful valley,

Don’t go back into the darkness for the light is all around you,

Hold tight to the dreams you have do not let the darkness take over,


I am not sure what has happen but need to go to bed,

Not sure what has taken over me, maybe the wine,

Maybe the idea that I have felt so alone for so long,

Feeling I will be this way forever,

No-one to hold or to hold me,

No-one to protect or protect me…

I have accepted that being alone is what life has brought to me or is it just the loneliness and the wine talking…

 I have forgotten what it is to be loved…

Will I ever really truly know what love is or is love a fantasy…

 I will go shut my eyes and cage my soul again

so that it will never be found,

but will be safe from the world around…

by ~ jbritt


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