He walked into the room,
Presence singing out,
As if was he was,
Dancing to the unheard,
Music playing within,
“The Scope of Time”…

In the distance,

He stood watching,

The others mimic each other,
He radiated as if,
He was an immortal,
Waiting for his prey,
To devour the sacrifice…
He watched her,
Waiting for the right juncture,

To unveil the ploy…Now perched, against the wall,


He delighted himself,
In her laughter…
He was the obscurity,
Looking for the light,
Out of his torment…

She was the moon,

Within his nightmare…As her eyes ensnared his essence,
Taking him into another universe,
He’d never explored before…

His eyes closed,
In disbelief,
Of her light…

As he freed his eyelids,

from the closer…

She had vanished,
As if she was a ghost…

But he searched,
Within the smokey night…

But she was invisible,
Within the veil…

~ by jbritt