The night refuses to see her any longer,
She reaches out to him,
But he knows she hides behind,
A cloak of fabrication…

She has let the world consume her,
With what she should be,
But she begs the night to listen,
To her cries and reasoning,
Again he refuses,
While he withdraws further away from her…

Her grasp is growing weaker,
With every night passing,
But she tries to hold onto,
Who she was,
Who she worked so hard to set free,
The one the night fell in love with,
As she danced under his darkness…

She wails out again to the night!
Begging him to listen to her,
This time he speaks to her,
Telling her once she stops hiding again,
That he will embrace her once more…

But she is lost again within,
The maze of humanization,
Not able to see the way out…

~ by jbritt

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