She twirled within the loveless vibrations,

For what seemed like an eternity,

Wrestling against the tides,

Refusing to let them surround her carrying her,

Abroad into his current…

But he never stops flowing within the waves,

Directing him towards her drowning heart,

She was almost submerged within the crippling grief,

That love was just a fairy tale,

Only to be known in other realms of the universe…

He reached out,

Handing her his heart to drown with hers,

At that moment she felt a release,

From the grips of the unending vortex,

That once had her entrapped in agony,

Her eyes finally uniting with his,

Not altering in any other direction,

Her heart had finally found a home within his embrace,

To flourish for all eternity…

~ by jbritt©

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