How a Knight is Formed…Part 1

He was born within,
A world that didn’t,
Believe in honor…

He walked within,
The obscurity that he,
Was given at creation…

He wrestled through,
Each world he encountered,
Not knowing what,
He was fighting for…

One of these universes,
entrapped him…

He lived within its darkness,
Embracing each fabrication,
As if it was life its self…

He paused to look deeper,
Into pandemic that,
Brewed around him,
Drawing him deeper,
Into the pits of agony…

But…He was awaken to,
The deception that was,
Forced upon him…

He emerged from the ashes,
A sword in hand…

You could hear his roar,
Across the plains…

Howling the warriors cry,
Fear rose within the,
Villains that tried to,
Steal his vitality…

~ by jbritt


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