Can someone tell her,
A true love story…

She has almost lost all faith,
Maybe love is a hoax…

She looks around,
Longing to see a undeniable love,
Even if she never touches it,
Seeing a passion,
Between two souls,
Would give her the endurance,
To keep believing…

Her dreams of being loved,
Beyond this superficial world,
Is fading with each breath,
She inhales…

She had this dream,
Of a love that would,
Fight no matter what the,
War brought…

But there was never a war for her…

She used to lie awake,
Dreaming of him…

But he isn’t real…

She finally is waking up from,
This deception,
She has told herself…

The pain carries deep,
As she is awaken,
From this myth…

The one,
That would never let her go,
As she curled up within,
His arms,
Sheltering her from,
Torments that haunt her…

The one,
Still was standing,
Next to her,
When she tries to run away,
Back into her darkness…

But…Every-time she reminisces,
That there is a such thing,
Called Love,
She is reminded,
With every word,
He speaks,
He is not in love with her…

What she craves,
He refuses to offer,
To her…

She tells herself,
Maybe its her…

Maybe he is lying,
To himself…

Maybe she is not the one,
But she is never the one,
Is she…

Maybe she is looking,
For something that doesn’t,
exist within these,
Parched lands…

Is there a lover,
In her past life,
That she longs for…

But this life,
Refuses to let them,
Love again…

Keeping them apart,
For every life,
There after…

Are the immortals jealous,
Of the love,
They once embodied…

So in their envy,
They have made her,
The ocean waves and him
The shore…
Only letting them slightly caress,
Each other,
But sweeping them apart,
With every current…

She wonders…
Do soulmates even exist…

~ by jbritt

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