The Vocalist…

She stands within the crowd,
A smile across her face,
Laughter coming out of,
Her vocals cords…

But she is alone,
All she feels is death,
She wonders if her soul,
Has left her mortal body…

She cries out to the moon,
Wishing for another time,
Wondering why she is cursed,
To live within this flesh,
She was born into…

Lying to herself,
Things will change,
There is an untold love story,
Written in the skies,
Just for her…

Knowing that she has,
Died within already,
Crying out to the moon,
Why didn’t you warn me,
Of his heartless,
Canvas of lies…

The sweet songs he sang,
Out to her carrying through,
Galaxies to reach her,
Knowing all along,
They would never.
Embrace her…

He kept singing his,
Web of lies,
To her over and over again,
Tearing apart her innocent soul,
That she held close to her heart,
Never letting anyone near,
The hidden parts of her…

He knew all to well,
What he was doing,
With each lyric that,
Sang out of his,
Crooked tongue…

She lost her innocence,
To a soulless man,
That cared about nothing,
But his conquest…

He won her soul and heart,
But he will never,
Have her mortal body,
Feel her delicate lips,
Slide across his chest,
While telling him stories,
With her tongue,
Dancing across,
His lips…

In the end,
They both lost their,
Will to exist,
In this parallel universe…

~ by jbritt


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