Shadows of Anguish…

Why does the sadness creep in…

It has no home here,
Within her soul…

But it still returns,
Telling her she misses him,
Making her believe without,
The anguish she is nothing….

That her creativity comes from,
The ache of the forsakenness,
That has breathed into her soul,
For an eternity…

She screams out to the moon,
As the wolves howl out to,
Light in the darkness,
Throwing herself into the,
Whirlwinds of the unknown….

Imaging the stars are dancing,
With her in the darkness,
While they fall together,
Crashing against the sands,
Of this desolated planet,
Mortals call earth…

Again she cries out to the universe,
“Is there anyone else out there,
Lost within this nightmare”…

Hearing nothing but the,
Weeping of the shadows,
Lost within this perishing world,
Of fallen angels…

~ by jbritt

Shadows of Anguish...

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