Blood Stained…

He anticipated she would be his,
Slaughter for the evening,
As his hands clichéd around her petite throat,
He pulled her face down to his,
Whispering in her ear,
“That he would never fail to remember this hour”…

She smirked while,
Peering straight into his eyes,
Whispering back to him,
“I will be last poison you taste,
Against your mortal lips”…

Not knowing she would be,
His destruction in that moment,
Of euphoria…

His dark brown eyes,
Filled with bewilderment,
As she drove the razor-sharp knife precisely,
Into his internal carotid…

She could hear the blood,
Constricting in his airway,
As he suffocated on, his vital fluids…

Adrenaline pumped through her veins,
His bare naked dying body was settled,
Beneath her delicate frame…

She reached down picking up,
Her black little dress,
Slowly sliding it on her, immortal body…

She placed,
A blood stained envelope,
On the night stand…

When he was found a few days later,
The envelope was apprehended by the detective, It read…
“Here lies “The Enchanter” The murder of 13 women that,
He cast his incantation on,
Before slowly crushing their,
Fragile necks within his,
Depraved hands…”

~ by jbritt ©


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