A Poet’s Sadness…

I write of a love,

That only lives in my dreams…

One where we dance under the stars,

Embracing each other’s souls,

As if time has stopped,

Just to encircle us,

In its glory…

As he watches me dance,

Into the night,

As the breeze takes me in,

His eyes gazing in wonder,

Longing for more…

As I sway,

Letting the winds,

Twirl my mortal being,

Out of my control…

As I feel his presence,

Coming towards my vicinity,

He begins swaying in the winds,

While wrapping me up in his arms,

Taking in every movement, my body stirs,

While inhaling in every breath I take…

He guides me into,

A passion,

I have never felt,

In my existence

But, I awaken from this dream,


This is only a fantasy,

I have created within my mind,

Aware that the only place,

This love will ever exist,

Is in my imagination…

                                                  ~ by jbrittAPoetsSadness...

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