Her Will Has Left…

Jaded does not speak volumes,
Of the decay that has taken place,
Within her clay covered bones…

She has always been unyielding,
To the horrors, deposited upon her…

But she has grown weary,
She is not looking for compassion…

But all her strength has faded,
Looking into the nothingness, she has become…

She glares into the past,
Realizing…she was always the driver,
Pushing everyone around her, to their full potential,

But all the while,
Never seizing her on dreams,
As each day passed, she watched them all fade away…

She is tired now, has nothing left to give…

The one thing she held tight too,
Never giving it away, to another, is gone now…

She gave it freely,
With no regrets, she tells herself…

She had decided to let go, for once in her life,
Ohh…what it felt like to just be free,
Letting someone see all her scars,
And the most intimate parts of her soul’s desires…

But…she failed herself, now she holds nothing,

The music does not speak to her, as it once did,
Her hips do not sway,
Her lips do not curl at the edges, when she laughs now…

She feels nothing but desolation,
Longing for death…

~ by jbritt


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