Last Words…

The swords where pulled,
Blades struck through,
Covered in ice crystals,
The blade sliced back and forth,
Leaving shards deep within my heart,

I am trying to pick them out,
One by one,
The more I tug at them,
The deeper they burrow in the depths,
Slowly and painfully,
Making their way to my soul,

I have tried to use all the mechanisms,
To extract fragments,
Every-time I get a grip on one,
It splits into a thousand tiny particles,
Releasing unrelenting lacerations,
Unbearable bloodshed,

I broke out the thread,
To place stitches over the wounds,
Lacing the wire through, each gash,
Only leaving disfigured scars,

All the while my vitality weaken…

~ by jbritt


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