The One…

I can’t control my emotions…

My heart,
Only beats for you,
My skin,
Longs for your hands unceasing touch,
My ears,
Could listen to your voice endlessly,
My lips,
Thirst to caress your entire canvas,
My body,
Aches to feel you pressed firmly against it,

Are you the one…
The one I always wrote about,
The one I dreamed about,

If I give you my heart,
Will you destroy it,
Will you treasure it,

I have never truly, been in love before,
Will you be the one,
I fall hopelessy in love with,
Is this all raw emotions taking over…

My guard is down,
I have no walls with you,
I am so terrified, but inflamed,
With the thought of you,

It’s as if I have waited,
My entire life,
Just for one touch from you,

Are you the one,
That will show me,
What being in love feels like,
Will you show me,
What dying is, while still breathing,

You are all I have ever hungered for,
All I have ever dreamed about,

You where not suppose to be real…

~ by jbritt


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