Within the Mist…

There you where,
Standing out in the in mist,
Your eyes glimmering,
I stood in the distance,
I felt fear run through my bones,
Your eyes turned in my direction,
As if you were out on the prowl,I wanted to run,
But my legs wouldn’t move,
I was frozen,

You came closer,
I was shaking in excitement, admiring your beauty,
Your eyes stayed focus on me,
As you moved closer and closer,
Never losing focus,
Now you were standing in front of me,

I could feel your breath against me,
I was terrified, but could not turn away,
You softly lick my wounds,
I felt a release of painful pleasure,
My body collapsing into yours,
Your arms wrapping around me,
To break my fall,

There is no turning back now, our souls have connect…

You are the wolf,
I’ve been yearning for…

~ by jbritt



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