Lonely Girl…

She twirled under the vast starlit night,

Yearning for someone to,

Desire to dance with her,

Beneath the great beyond’s euphoria,

Submerging into brink of ecstasy,

As the music enticed their souls,


She danced alone,

Laid a blanket out upon the ground,

Gazing into the heavens,

Iced coffee in one hand,

Vapor in the other,

As the smoke rolled off her lips,

The music uttering,

Mysteries beyond her touch,

A candle flickering to the right of her,

Her Gun lying within her reach,

Sirens going off in the distance,

She turns the music up,

To block out the sounds of violence,

She is hanging on to every lyric,

As if the songwriter,

Saw beyond her reflection,

During the midst of writing the versus,

Chanting the words to her,

Alluring her into its magic,

Not knowing if they are love notes,

Or daggers puncturing straight through her soul…

But she never feels alone,

While the words flow,

From her aching soul,

Right down to her fingers tips,

Staining the journal under her pen,

Placing her mark in time…

She is the lonely girl,

Placed under the universe’s enchanting spell….

~by jbritt



6 thoughts on “Lonely Girl…

  1. Beyond poetic, the words speak unmissable truths which leave the reader wanting so much more…. thank you for sharing…


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