She strived daily,
To keep the walls crumbled below her feet that once concealed her,
Not letting herself retreat back to where she once kept her wonders hidden,
Hiding behind her walls,
Peeking through the cracks only to watch the world pass by her,
Getting consumed in the universe she had fabricated,

But she violently thrust-ed through the pain,
Griped tightly to the excitement of existence,

Knowing no-one will ever truly know the battles she has fought just to breathe life again,
Now she knows how to live,
Letting everything that she touches speak to her,
Gazing at every obstacle placed before her as an adventure,

She will never let the undertow take her back to the power of another,
She throws her head back drawing in the breath of deliverance,
She laughs at the universe around her,
While singing in the rain,

At the time she didn’t know that her scars and cracks, had made her into a priceless piece of art,

“She is a Masterpiece that has been unearthed”

~ by jbritt


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