I lay here telling myself…just close your eyes,
Also wanting to write poetry to the moon,

Telling the stars of the love I have lost,

But I do not have the right words…to place upon these ragged pages,

My heart is vexed,
My mind is boggled with dismay,

Trying to drive back the damage that has arisen,

Telling myself,

Do not let it seep in,

But then I realized, it has already festered,

I want to beat my fist against the wall, pounding out the hurtful disapproval I feel,

Why would you…
How could you…

Is everyone the same,
Does anyone have any self-worth left in this universe?

Wanting to build back up, all the walls I have crushed,

Never letting anyone in again,

Telling myself…do not enclose yourself back in your dungeon,

The bricks are building themselves back up,

Trying to push them back down as quick as I can,

I hold back the tears,,
As if I have no right to cry,

I feel worthless,

Why I am here,

No one sees me,

Only the outline of my body,

I thought I had finally met someone…a friend…another soul to connect too, that saw past the outline…but I was wrong again, they walked away from me as if I didn’t exist…
I don’t want to be here anymore,

I wish I had wings…so I could fly up into the sky,

Placing my soul in the moon’s craters,

But I am here,

But I go on,

I have always survived…alone in this vicious world,

Wondering how I ever expected, anything different from humanity,  

This was just another heart wrenching, punch to the gut, to bring me back to reality…

You know what you were doing from the beginning…but you did it anyways,
Who do you think you are?

You are not the wizard,

You will never be the king that stands by my side,

You will never ever hold my heart or my hand,

You are only preoccupied by your on desires,

I will not bend to your will,

You are not who you say you are,

I see through your disguise now,

I will always see through you, because you are hollow on the inside,

You act as if you have it all together, but you are the one that is lost…

I laugh at you, 
See…I have encountered you before,

“You are inhuman…”

~ by jbritt




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