She Lies Out Under the Open Sky…

She lies out under the open sky,

Dreaming of worlds that don’t assist but only in her mind,

She knows these worlds are not real,

But how she loves to play with them,

For every world she has created within her mind, brings a new fantasy within it,

She has no favorite because they all hold a different desire…

In one she is the queen with the heel of shoe pressed against the king’s heart

As he bows to her every need

She lifts him to let him breathe, but before he catches his breath

She places him back beneath her fiery flesh

In another she bows to her king wielding to his every wish,

As she places her bleeding heart beneath him,

With every lash he places against her body,

Bringing her almost to brink of climax, but not letting her body fully release

She gravels below him begging, but not allowed to speak

Her hair wrapped in his fist as the sweat ripples off her back

All the fantasies she plays out within her mind, but only one she desires,

“The king that will play along her side”…

~ by jbritt


No Claim to photo, Only Writing

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