Pushing To The Breaking Point…

“I did it…Again…”

Why do I say things to purposely push people away…

Knowing they will hate every word that is coming out of my mouth

Maybe I need someone to push back

Call me out on my bullshit

Someone that won’t walk away so easy

Someone that will dive deep into my soul

Someone that would climb up to the tallest mountain 

just to scream my name, so they could hear it echo across the valley

Someone that can handle my maddness

But maybe my madness is just too heavy for anyone to carry

For now, I will dance on my own

Let the night take me in, as if the stars where shining just for me

One day my love will find me and dance beside me under the moon

Unleashing everything beautiful from within one another

We will paint new skies together….

~ by jbritt

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