The Little Bird

She pressed her forehead into his chest

As he looked down upon her, as if she was a fragile bird with broken wings

She is saying to herself…

I hate you

This is your fault…

Before you I was numb

You have made me feel again

But these feelings are too painful at times

I want these feeling to go away, they are consuming me once again

Go back to the numbness I once lived in

Life was easier before you

Not feeling was so much easier

No-one could hurt me anymore, in my world of numbness I had placed myself within

How did you take me from feeling nothing, to feeling everything in an instant…

What will happen when you turn and set me free to feel on my own?

When you feel I am strong enough to fly alone in this world

Will I be able to stay strong without your guidance’s or just retreat back into my cage…

I know this time will come soon; you will always be by my side but not bandaging my wounds any longer

While you place me back into the world to share the freedom you have taught me

“As if I was an injured bird you fed, you groomed than set free to live again”

~ by jbritt

The Little Bird


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