The Longing

My heart longing for the one

Knowing all too well he doesn’t exists

Imaging his strong hands running up my body

His body pressed against mine

Tugging at every inch of my soul

While our demons dance together

The light shines upon us, as if we were fallen angels

The stars gazing down on us in amazement

As our eyes connect, my body can’t resist any longer

Shaking beneath him

Every nerve in my body triggering at the same pace

My body collapses beneath his as if it has lost all control   

He has taken all my strength and enraptured it in his embrace  

I am collapsed beneath his loving arms

Wishing this feeling would never end

But knowing this is only a fantasy

This kind of love doesn’t exist but only in my mind

Will this longing ever end…

~ by jbritt

The Longing

No Claim to Photo only writing and quotes

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