The Thief

Your eyes say it all

You would never have to speak a word, but I know you

Your cracked smile shows the heart ache rested on your shoulders

What has she done to you…

It’s as if you are a completely different soul with her

You have a passion hiding within you that you used to let out freely

She shared this with you once

But she embedded her claws into you

She stole your passion as if you were the grand prize to win

Her personal trophy to place in her collection of deception, which she played all too well

You where the warrior but she was the clever enemy that crept in without you ever seeing her coming, till you are in too deep to turn back

But she won the war…

She has you tip toeing around, like a scared puppy

Is that what you needed to settle your darkness?

To be control as a battered servant

The Master that came to all your needs and desires while you were trapped in your own depression of drunkenness…

The Master that feeds all the best meats to entice the disobedient servant

She fed your desires to the fullest till she knew she had you

She gradually started removing the best meats till you were eating the scraps from the table, all in while stealing your beautiful defiant ways piece by piece, till you where submissive to her.

She let go of who you are, why she chased you in the beginning

Who is she now…but the one that has forgotten to polish her beautiful trophy that is a master piece that is priceless

But the remembrance of your lost passion fester’s at the brink of freedom, but she knows you all too well

Again giving you just enough to place you right back into her curio cabinet of deception

While she lays next to you nightly and wakes next to you still gloating over her trophy that she won deceitfully, but in all the while knowing you long for an escape into the unknown.

Does she light the fire within you still?

Does she surrender to the control you long to have?

Does she still place your under her feet as you gravel on your knees for the release you crave?

Does she send shock waves down you spin as she places her body just above yours, but not close enough for you touch?

Does she seduce you till  you lose complete control of your body and self…

~ By jBritt

thief 3

No Claim to photo only writing and quotes.


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