Lovers in the Park…

I sat in the park and watched two young lovers, as they danced with laughter.

Their smiles where as one.

He reached out to her, she took his hand with no hesitation for their trust had never been broken.

Love was all they had known….


I sat in the park and watched two middle age lovers, they danced but only with gestures…

Unknowing of the other ones true feelings, both scared to reach out to one another….

Hesitation was all they knew, since trust had been broken by the one they danced in laughter with when younger.

Lies and Hurt is all they know now…


I sat in the park and watch two older lovers, they danced slower in their laughter.

Knowing both had loved and lost…

But knowing that the brokenness of their youth, is what brought them together.

Hesitation no longer existed within their love.

They mended each others hearts, with patience and determination of inspiring the dreams within each other.

Courage for one another was all they knew now…

~ by jbritt









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