She ran

Her lips tasted of wine,

Her heart was cold as ice,

He chipped away at her heart, but she stood cold.

He took her in as if he was her Savior,

Her protector…

Would she ever let him in fully…

He grasped at her to pull her closer,

She pulled away to protect herself,

His head hung for inside all he wanted was her smile to be as real as the sun rising.

If he could only tell her, she is beautiful and all her scars made her beautiful.

That he would hold her through the centuries.

He would be her safe place, hold her so tightly that no harm could ever touch her again.

For once she can let her guard down and he would guard her.

She would not need her prison she held herself in.

But she ran, he reached out

Let me in….

But she ran away in fear, as if he was no different from the others…but if she only knew the love he held within for her…

He sees through her walls and wounded soul,

He would wrap her up in his arms, protect her from the dark storms that hold her tight,

He would take her in so deep that she would never remember the feeling of the pain she has had to endured…

If only she would let his hands glide over her beautiful scars and take her to the place she belongs,

But she ran…

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